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Pretty and powerful notebooks and dashboards

Briefer notebooks can run SQL, Python, and can be turned into dashboards and data apps. Generate unique insights your business would not get using traditional tools.

How it works

Connect, query, manipulate, and share.

Connect your data sources, query them with SQL, and manipulate results with Python.

Then, use query results to create presentable notebooks, dashboards, or data apps.

Connect your data source

Connect Briefer to data sources like Postgres, BigQuery, Redshift, or Snowflake.

Run queries

Run SQL queries straight from your Briefer documents.

Execute Python

Run Python code using your query results as dataframes.

Share your results

Use your notebook's components to publish reports, dashboards, or data apps.

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SQL support

Query data from files and databases

Connect directly to your data sources, gather data, and automatically write or fix queries using AI.

We'll automatically turn your query's results into dataframes.

CSV Imports

Python support

Manipulate and enrich data with Python

Choose a Python version, install packages, and run your code in any type of machine you want.

Use query results as dataframes.
Briefer automatically converts query results into dataframes that you can use in Python blocks.
Use AI to write code and fix errors.
Instead of writing code, just describe what you want to do. If you make a mistake, the AI will fix it for you.
Schedule executions.
Schedule your Python blocks to run on a recurring schedule. Ideal for writebacks or training and monitoring ML models.
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Ready for sharing

Present beautiful reports and dashboards

Hide your notebook's code and share it as a report, a dashboard, or a data app.

Dashboard-mode or report-mode.
Choose between publishing your notebook as a dashboard or a traditional report.
Hide irrelevant code.
Add multiple blocks to fetch, transform, and plot data. Then, choose which blocks to publish and which to hide.
Add filters and inputs.
Use dropdowns, text fields, and date inputs to create interactive dashboards and apps.
Email and slack notifications.
Schedule your notebooks to run and send a PDF report to your email or Slack.
Generate snapshots.
We'll take a snapshot of your notebook every time it runs. That way, you can see how your data evolved over time.
Create public links.
Create a public link to share your reports and dashboards with anyone, like a client or a colleague.

Build data apps

Use inputs, dropdowns, sliders, and date selectors to create interactive pages that your team can use to explore data and make decisions.

  • Model prototyping
  • Customer segmentation
  • Churn prediction
  • Demand forecasting
  • Retention analysis
  • Revenue attribution
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Collaborate with your team in real-time

Briefer gets your team on the same page (literally).

Multiplayer editing
See who's editing which part of the document and collaborate in real time.
Add comments, raise issues, and tag your teammates in any part of the document.
Presentation mode
Hide code from non-technical stakeholders and present your findings in a clean, easy-to-read format.
Granular permissions
Control who can view or edit which workspace, and the data sources in each.

“Incredible product! It's what I spent days looking for at the intersection of multiple tools, but nothing fit quite right. Briefer filled the gap where other BI tools couldn't to help us get our internal data analysis systems off the ground.”

Niranjan Ravichandra
CTO @ Cedana

“Since we started using Briefer we were able to get much more out of our data - the ability to write Python helped us visualize data in novel ways and uncover patterns we wouldn't have noticed otherwise.”

Suchintan Singh
CEO @ Skyvern